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Thank you Angie:

Thank you for saving the day, we don't know what we would have done without your kindness. Happy New Year and thanks again. Zoe and Tim - UK-12/31/05


Rev. Angie-Thank you for making this a special occasion. Love Chris and Alyce 12/10/05 Vow Renewal


Thank you very much Angela and thank you for helping to make our day so Special! Regards-Gavin & Kirsty 12/9/05


I just wanted to thank you for everything. You did a wonderful job. Everyone complimented on the ceremony and what a great job you did! We could not have done it without you...Thank you! Christine Tanner 12/3/05

Words cannot express how happy we both are. Words cannot express what joy you brought to us on our special day. I want to thank you sooo very much for being a part of our special day. Many people commented on what a wonderful ceremony it was, and I could not agree more. If any of my friends ever need a minister, you are my first, second and only choice. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for helping us through this, and for marrying us. You are a true blessing, and we were blessed on Dec 3,2005. God bless you Angie. You are the best! Michael Tanner

In Special memory of SGT. David M. Fisher, Delta Company-101 Cav.256 BCT. He gave His life on Dec. 1, 2004-serving his country in Iraq. He and others soldiers like him -will never be forgotten!



Hi Rev Angie,
We got home safe and well but wishing we were still in New York, we really loved being there. Thank you so much for performing our lovely ceremony, we couldn't have asked for a better day. We don't know the exact date our photo will appear in the NY Post but it will be over the next few weeks, hopefully next week. We will let you know as soon as we do. Thanks again, Lisa and Mark Jackson!!11/4/05


Hello Angela, We saw the funny side of Schott and Scarlet, it was such an emotional but perfect day. Many Thanks Charlotte Wakelin - UK - 10/17/05

Thank You Angela for a beautiful and heart felt ceremony it was very moving and done tastefully, we could not have asked for anything more. I appreciate your professionalism, personable,and courteous personality. I'm greatful for the Surprise. Yours truly, Kathryn & Michael Nieves -October, 9th 2005


Dearest Reverend Angie,

Thank you so very much for your commitment and preparing your wonderful words in our wedding ceremony. It will be a Day we will always cherish forever. We are very delighted our special day turned out to be so perfect and magical. We even got more blessings with the rain http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/01.gifMany thanks to you in fulfilling your promises. I give so much thanks my sister, MaryGrace (Our Matchmaker) who referred you to us...We are so happy with our decision. You did exactly what we requested.

Happily Ever After - Marycel & Duy Truong

Nuptual October 8, 2005

The Waldorf Astoria -New York -Herbert Hoover Suite


Rev. Dr. Heil,

Thank you so much for the ceremony. Your part was the best part. So much went wrong with every vendor we had. We have a token gift for you. Thank you for helping in our day. You really made it easy on us. Kathleen and Mark Harri 10/8/05


Thank you SO much Rev. Angela for helping to make our wedding day so special. The ceremony was lovely. It was wonderful to have it so thoughtfully customized and expressive of the various symbols and traditions we hold dear. You are obviously a dear dear soul and we are honored to have you as our officiant. Thank you again. Much love-Darlene and Brent 9/24/05


Hi Reverend Angela,

I want to thank you for your wonderful words on our wedding day in Ladies Pavillion, Central Park, New York. We were both quite nervous but your special manner and words set us at ease and we both had the best day of our lives. The setting, the weather, the people and your manner made it truly perfect and all we had wished for and more. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of a Reverend for their wedding ceremony. God blessx3-Michael and Lisa Christie 09/09/05


Hi Reverend Angela, I want to thank you for your wonderful services. Your words were heartfelt and inspiring. I really appreciate everything you did to make our day extra special. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of a Reverend for their wedding ceremony. Have a wonderful day. Rebecca Rivera 9/5/05


Hey there Angela; Thanks for a beautiful ceremony in New York. It was the best day of our lives. Many, many thanks again; Yours faithfully-Matt and Sarah 9/9/05


Thank you so much, Rev. Angie. We had such a perfect day and you were such an important part of it. Many thanks and best wishes, Emily and Mark 9/8/05


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks again for crafting such a special wedding ceremony for Greg & I. It was a perfect day! Cheers, Cheryl - 8/27/05


Thank you for all your help Rev. Angie. The ceremony was beauitful. Love Nina Damer 8/26/05


Dear Rev. Angela,

Thank you for helping us create a wedding ceremony no one will forget. All of your hard work and attention to details allowed us to concentrate on our important day. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking to have a wedding ceremony that say: "THEM." Love Kathy and Jake Land Sr. - 8/13/05 - Blending Colored Sands Ceremony- Aboard the Martha Jefferson-Pt. Jeff. [Marriage Certificate is optional!]


Hi Rev Angie;

We just came back from our honeymoon!! The ceremony was wonderful and I really need to thank you for that. Everyone raved at how wonderful you were-Iwas so all over the place, that I didn't get to thank you for everything you did. So thank you Rev. Angie!!We really loved having you perform our ceremony!!!xoxo Lisa Malusa 8/20/05


Rev Angela; 

You are a God send and very generous person. We loved our ceremony and we will be in touch. Everyone is still talking about our ceremony thanks to you! Stace & Pete London-8/6/05


Rev. Angela;

Thank you so very much for sharing the most important part of mine and Christines married life. You really made it a special day for both of us. As well as a day in our lives that will never be forgotten. Thomas and Christine Melvin II 7/30/05



I am speechless...I almost started crying. Everyone said the ceremony was beautiful. That has to be one of the most - if not the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever heard in my life! I loved the hand ceremony. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know getting married in the future. Thank you for making everything so special. xoxoxo Christina, Anthony & Paige Saccente 7/3/05



Dear Rev. Ang;

We are so blessed that you preformed our wedding service. You were great throughout the process and our day, and ceremony, were perfect! You really listened to "US" and it was reflected in the service. Thanks SO much! Always, Meredith & Jimmy 7/2/05



Thanks for the ceremony - which was fab. Warmest regards, Jamie & Wayne 7/1/05


Hi Rev. Heil;

I just wanted to send a note thanking you for such a beatiful service. Everyone is still raving about it. A million thanks, Liyse Lipnick and Doreen Cortes 6/26/05


Hello Rev. Heil,

Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony! Everyone thought it was wonderful! We will be in touch. Thanks again! Love Craig, Denise,& Quinn Bedell 62605 baby blessing


 Rev  Angela; Once again thank you for the lovely photos. Thank you very much for the ceremony it was   great. 62205 Johnathan and Marie Gibson - UK -Destination Weddings NYC


 Hi Rev. Angie;

Roy and I would like to say thank you for the lovely photographs that were waiting for us when we got home from America. You'll be pleased to know that they arrived before the Photographer's. We thought  the ceremony was most moving and made our wedding day very special and memorable. Certainly we have reflected on the words used and their true meaning for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our warmest wishes to you Reverend and continue to add sunshine with that wonderful smile of yours. Yours..Carol Drury  62209 Ladies Pav UK_ Destination wedding NYC


Dear Rev Heil;

Thank you for writing such a beautiful ceremony for us. We really love what you wrote..Although we come from different religions and cultures you created a interfaith ceremony that both our families really wanted a copy to use.....Thank YOu.. Love Maggie and Ibrahim Habeeb 6/19/05 


Dr. Heil;

Thank you so much for lst Wednesday-it was good to meet you at last and we both appreciate all your help-especially the choice of venue. We had a wonderful time and it will be a very special day to remember. Thanks again for everything..Jan and Peter 6/15/05 DESTINATION WEDDING UK-NYC


HELLO; Thank you so much for a lovely ceremony. It was perfect, and thanks for the photo's they are great. Kind regards, Sarah and Dean Bedell 61105- DestinationWedding UK- Shakespear Gardens-NYC


 Dear Rev. Angie;

Thank you for making Cheryl and Micheal's day soo great! Regards and thanks again- Charlene Moody {Bride's Sister]-Cheryl & Mike  McGlynn - Brooklyn Bridge 61005-Destination Wedding -S.Africa


“Thank you for all you've done. I can’t believe you did so much for so little!” Jeff L.   5/21/05


Hi there; Just a quick note to say another huge thank you to you for our lovely service! The day really was as wonderful as we had hoped ...Thanks again Amanda and Richard 52105-Destination Wedding-UK


ANGELA; The ceremony was absolutly beautiful ...Karen and I would like to thank you so much for making our wedding day so special with love and many thanks Eugene and Karen  Karwoski 5/15/05


Dr. Angie;

Hi there-I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all of the nice things you said at the ceremony. I think you did an excellent job. It was a beautiful day. I'm so happy with my new life and wife. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her and her 2 cats and my red nose pitbull. Once again thank you for everything and please keep in touch. You are such a kind person. It was a pleasure to have you at my wedding. Thank you Jorge Alvarado 5/7/05


Thanks Angela for a lovely ceremony- we had a great day and really enjoyed everything about it! We would certainly recommend you to any friends wanting to do the same thing. Regards- Carol and Ian Hardy 5505 Destination Weddings NYC -UK


Rev Angela; Thank you for the lovely photos they are greatly appreciated. Thanks you also for your service it was a wonderful experience. We both enjoyed it and will remember that day forever. We are glad that you like your gifts -a small token to remember us by...Thanks again-Simon and Deri Horan 3/31/05-All Souls Chapel NYC Destrination Wedding-UK


DR Angela Heil; I just wanted to write a quick email to thank you very much for the service on Saturday. It was exactly what we wanted..Kind regards-Jessica Curran 3/26/05 All Souls Chapel-Destination Wedding


Evening Rev Angie;

Thought we'd send you a quick one to say hello! We want to thank you for doing our service. I'm the maid of honour for my sister and it makes me remember how lucky we were to have a wedding the way we did!

Kim and Steve- UK-2/27/05-Cop Cot -Destination Wedding NYC


Dear Reverend Angela;

Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony-many people commented on the nice words. We appreciate all your efforts tremendously, and also loved the ceremony part that included the girls. Thanks again-Sharon-Zock-Sarah & Emily 2/26/05 

------------------------END 2004-----------------------------------------------

 Dr. Heil;

We really enjoyed having you involved in our wedding day. We have such great memories of suchunusually good people that madeit that much more special of a day. Happy New Year -thanks again!

Mike, Sarah and Nick Bourdeau 12/23/04 - Destination Wedding-Central Park Bridge


Hi Rev. Angela;

Once again I would like to thank you for a wonderful service. It was perfect. Thank you!

Maria and David KAIM 12/11/04 -IVY LEAGE SCHOOL


Hi Angie.We want to let you know how grateful we are to you and how wonderful you were on our special day. We'll tell everyone about you and what a great person you are..I just wanted you to know we have not forgotten about you and I think of you often. Love Dave and Pamela Jordan 11/22/04 Cot Cop


Hi Angela; Just back from our honeymoon in Orlando and just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU-for the great ceremony. I will definetly refer anyone I know getting married to check out your services. Martine and Gregory Howes 11/13/04 


Hello:)  Things are going great with us..Everyone had a great time at the wedding. A lot of people commented on how good the wedding vows were that you wrote for us. People thought they were very fitting and made a nice change from traditional vows. I hope all is well with you! Have a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year Love Danny and Aida Bailey 9/26/04 B'klyn


Rev. Ralph and Dr Angela:

The ceremony was perfect and all our friends and family can not stop commenting on it. We can't thanks you enough..and when our friends marry, you'll be highly recommended. Thank you both for making our wedding so very special. God Bless- Victor and Xiomara Munoz 91804 Aboard Ship


Rev Heil,

 I just can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful that I was led in your direction. I just knew the second I saw your site that it was exactly what I wnated..I was very important to me tobe able to find someone who understood my beliefs..Thank you-thank you! Tina and Russell Connolly -9/12/04


Dear Angela;

Anthony and I want to thank you for the beautiful service you performed yesterday. It was a very special day for us. Thanks again. Janina and Anthony Jarnich 91104 Interaith Service


Dear Rev Angie- We wanted to say "Thank YOu" for the wonderful job you did on our ceremony. You helped make sense of what would otherwise have been tremendous confsion. Many of our guests gave us compliments. Hope you like the gift. Love Maryann and Paul Drageland 7/17/04Watermill


 Good Morning REv Heil, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job that you did at our wedding on the 26th of June. We were all very pleased with the ceremony youconducted. Thanks again, Mr and Mrs Hector L. Negron 62604


Dear Rev. Angie;

Everyone thought the ceremony was truly beautiful. I plan to pass your name to anyone that will need your services. Thanks for everything! Talk to you soon Alexis and William Bickford 6604 CArltun East Meadow


Dr Angie;

Thank yo for working with in our budget. We loved the ceremony you performed..Not a dry eye in the house..I was so thrilled and grateful I wanted you to have my bouquet blue roses. You touched my heart. My mother loves you too! I highly recommend you.. I will keep in touch. Love always-Cheers-Penelope and Mark Silvestri 4304 Brooklyn


====================== 2003===================  

Dear Rev Angela;

Ralph and I are so glad that you co-officiated our wedding. We were so nervous and you helped calm us. Your sermon was so touching..Even REv.Jun was impressed..Everyone gave us great compliments. We can't thank you enough..God Bless you! Love Ralph and Elenore 121303 Methodist Church-Park Ridge,NJ


Rev Angie;


Yesterday was so wonderful!I'm so glad you could do our ceremony and that you stayed for the party and that I got to know you too! Blessingsx3 to you too~ Laura and Elliott Raines -6/27/03 - NYC



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