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Happy Couples Testimonials- Enjoy!Photobucket





 End 2012

Angela was amazing she was very nice and always answered my emails in a fast manner. She made my husband and I feel so welcomed into her home when we met her and we felt very comfortable around her! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!


 Lauren Karlsen  121212 Meadow Club


Hi Angie,


 Thank you for the pictures and the service you provided on the wedding day: we were very happy...I have written our reviews on the wedding wire site and I gave you five stars for all because you are THE best~!

Thank you again for everything and I would definitely recommend you to any of our friends who are going to get married here.

Take care~! Li :-)

Sunday 12912-Snapper Inn






Rev Angela;

Thank you so much for coming out here and performing our ceremony!!!!  Mark's brother made a speech later on in the evening saying that we gave the family a beautiful ending to such a horrible week. [Hurricane Sandy damaged  venue]  And he said that nothing is more important than family.  By having a ceremony in front of my Aunt Vivian was so important for me.  She was very close to my father and I know it made her very happy to see me get married.  She told me she was very honored to be our witness!  I would like to think that my dad was watching very Heaven and giving us our blessing.

Thank you for the pictures!  And I will get on the computer tomorrow, I will make a post on that website!  I want you to win because you were amazing!  I hope we can stay in touch.  From the moment I first spoke to you on the phone I felt your warmth and compassion.

Thank you again for everything you have done for Mark and myself.  This will be a day we will never forget!

Kelly Amundons 11/4/12



 Rev. Angie,

Thank you for everything! You did a wonderful job & it was a beautiful
ceremony! I did the reviews as you asked.

Nicole & Ryan 92112 Baiting Hollow winery


Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif========================


Rev Angie - thank you so much for everything! The day was fantastic and the pictures you took are great! Mike and I realized last night that when we were giving out our tip envelopes he forgot to give you yours! We are so sorry. We will mail it as soon as we get back from our honeymoon. Again, thank you for everything!

Nicole Botta 92212 East Wind


Rev. Angela;

Thank you so much and I am glad that you were there and sharing with us on our special day.  My friends really like you and one couple liked it so much that they would like to you marry them when they decide on their special day.  Thank you and you are in our hearts always.  Mr & Mrs. Quakenbush 6/12


I hope you had a happy July 4th!  Thank you so much for all your kind words and we think the ceremony went great!  I haven't gotten a chance to sort through all the pictures yet but thank you for taking so many!  I will definitely take a few minutes to leave a review this weekend.

Much love.
Jarcin & Charles 7312 FT. Tyson,NY

Hi Reverend Angie,

Thanks for the pictures and being a part of our special day. I will send your envelope in the mail.  I will be sure to visit the sites to write something fabulous about you :)

Again - thank you for everything!!!

Jackie Greco WD 62312 Vineyard Ctrrs

Rev. Ang.

Again you have outdone yourself. You are an amazing person with lots of humilty in your heart. You are a nurse by profession and a priest by heart. Ernesto and I thank you for doing a wonderful job at our son's christening. We love you very much and with blindfolds we will recommend you to the world. Stay blessed. Thank you tons for everything and our apologies for the late start again. Also thanks for the pictures. I didn't get pics of the food tent so you did great. It was really nice seeing you after 5 years again. Xoxo Samantha Rosado


Rev Dr Angela Saladino Heil <marryusrevangie@gmail.com>


Thank you so much for performing a beautiful ceremony for us.  You were wonderful to work with and as soon as we have another baby we will be calling you again to do another blessing.  Thanks for the pictures!


Lilie - [London's #baby blessing on 3312 @#Lombardi’s on the bay -patchogue]



Rev Angela;

Thank you very much for doing the ceremony this weekend, it was very special to us. I will gladly write reviews this week.
Thank you for sending pictures!
-Meredith & Matt P. 12112 Wedding Of the Year -LI Wed


 ====================================end of 2011===================


Rev Dr Angela Saladino Heil ;

Thank you for celebrating our special day with us and for your wonderful pictures. It really turned out to be a nice wedding. We appreciate everything.

Thanks again,
Melissa and Rich Caserma 103011 


 REv. Angela;

 It sure does. BTW, thanks for making our day really special! Charlotte Lee 10211

Hi, Angela, thank you again for performing our ceremony-everyone said they enjoyed it..

Roger Lee





Rev Angie:

 My moms are amazing! Rev Heil you were just as amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony you performed for them!!!xo Elizabeth Dixon 9711 

Nancy Pugliese

I just want to tell you that the Dixon service was incredible. It was touching and poignant.



 Rev Angie,

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony and the pictures!!  You capture a lot of special moments and the keepsake is so pretty.Once again - Thank You!!

Carol Tran 9511 Atlantis Marine world ======================================

Thank you so much Angela!  These photos are wonderful!  We're really happy
with the way everything went, considering the bad weather- it was terrific!
Glad you were part of our special celebration....thank you again for everything!

Hope to see you again soon!

Xo Dreena

Dreena Kutch 81411


Thank you so much- everything was perfect Peggy and Tom 8611 Hampton bays  


Hello! Thank you so much for the pictures! You did such a wonderful job at our ceremony! Everyone has been telling us how the anniversary box was such a unique idea! We will definitely recommend you in the future! Thanks again! ~Danielle & Jermaine Felton 73011 ======================================== Hello Rev. Angela, I wanted to thank you again for doing such a nice job marrying me and my wife Jamie on 7-17-11.  I wanted to confirm that you will be able to officiate our "official" wedding on November 5th 2011.  Thanks again. Yours truly,

David Greene 

Rev Dr Angela;

Thank you so much for everything. Everyone loved what you did for us..Lindsay and Albert 7811


 Rev. Angela; Thank you so much for marrying us and being a part of our special day. The
ceremony was beautiful and romantic and our friends thought it was beautiful as well. Once again thank you!           

 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Nicole Waiksnis 62111 Coram Chapel


Rev Angie;

I want to thank you for the awesome job you did today Officiating our wedding..Everyone loved it.. We will keep in touch. Thank you again..Love Danielle and David B. 61111

 Rev. Angela; I'm stubborn and always wanted an outside wedding. I was gonna get it no matter what. Lol. Thanks rev angela! You were out there with us in the storm! You are our hero :). Thanks for giving us our outside wedding..Jenn F. 6/9/11


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures Reverend Angela!  Thank you too on the wonderful job you did at my wedding.

Thank you! Louise and Philip H. 52811 New Rochele


Good morning Angela!

Thank you very much from bottom of our hearts for the ceremony you performed for us. It was private and very lovely. Also we got the pictures-beautiful. I just realize, we didn't take picture with you. I was so happy. Brian's family just left, this morning, that is why I am responding so late. Thank you from both of us. And I will keep in touch with you.Have a wonderful day!

Brian and Ilona Coram Chapel 51411


 Thank you Angela, you did a wonderful job. It was a pleasure having you.

Dina  Fey- Sorrentino 5711

Cooperage Inn


Rev Dr Angela Saladino Heil; Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job & we're grateful that we found you to share our day. We'll definatley keep you in mind for any other occasions..Love Dina & Mike 5/1/11


Rev Dr Angela;

Thanks Angela . It really was a blessing to connect and meet you. God is Amazing! Thank you and many hugs this Easter.  Ilein and Edwin 42311 CORAM CHAPEL


 Rev Angela;

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing and making our wedding

day so wonderful! Melanie Hodge Randazzo 4/2/11  


Rev Angie;

Thank you so much for your gift and for being so wonderful. Melissa 2/17/11 

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