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Rev Angela...

Thank you again for hosting our ceremony..It was so special to us both.. It could not have been more perfect..Thank you, Stephanie 12/31/07 Central Park NYC


 Hi Angela;

Thank you so much again for helping in such a memorable night. You were wonderful-before, during and after. My family thinks you were so lovely and we really appreciate your kindness! Thanks for the pictures and the vows. Have a great holiday and our best wishes for a healthy New Year! Love Jennifer and Joseph Purtill 11/21/07 Main Maid Inn

Hi Angela; Thank you so much for everything. You made our ceremony come together and blessed us and everyone there with your words and kindness. We hope to see you soon. Thank you for the pictures, they are lovely.LOVE Kat and Jan 11/23/07 Glen Cove Mansion

Dr. Angela Heil;

Thank you so much for Sunday. The pictures you just sent are great. The ceremony was lovely. The kids love their teddy bears. It was just a wonderful day and we're so glad you were part it. Thanks again for everything. Enjoy your holiday! Jennifer -Baby Blessing 11/18/07


Hi Rev. Angie-Thank you for making the ceremony so special. It really was an amazing experience. You did an amazing job-I will gladly write a glowing testimonial when I return. You did a beautiful job and I can't thank you enough for your patience through the process. We really had a long horrible summer and time leading up to the wedding and you made everything as calm as it could be. THANK YOU and I will keep you in mind for future blessings, ceremonies, etc. Love Marie and Chris 11/4/07 Bellport CC ==========================================

Reverand Angie,

Hello,how are you? Just wanted to say thank you and let you know what a wonderful job you did. Scott and I were not the only one's pleased, everybody loved the ceremony. You did a great job and guided us through the entire process. Scott said,"He will never forget you, you are embedded in his mind." Isn't that so cool? Scott and I are so happy and we will stay in touch. We will of course keep you in mind for any future ceremonies or celebrations. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for the beautiful pictures. That was so nice of you. They were the first wedding pictures we viewed. You are the best, love Jenny and Scott Smith 10/13/07 Beach Club Estates

Hi there; Thank you so much for the beautiful service, everyone was very impressed! And we got your pictures-I'm so glad we got a shot of our Daleks! Thank you again! Michele and Leslie 10/12/07 Miller Place INN

Hi Rev. Dr. Heil,

Cortland and I would like to express how grateful and appreciative we are for such a wonderful job you did for our ceremony. From the moment we met, to our planning and to the gorgeous program you set up for us. It was very touching and sentimental. Thank you especially for your patience as you know, it was delayed due to some issues we had. Overall, the ceremony was performed beautifully and accordingly. Cortland even said, “You are the best and we’re happy that you were introduced to us and to have you perform for our ceremony”. We will sure keep you in mind for any future events and I will highly recommend you. Thank you for the pictures you took. Thanks a million Rev. Heil. Lily Wong 9/22/07 Cresthollow C.C.,Woodbury


 Dear Rev. Angela; Ernest and I really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our beautiful day a spectacular event. You gave us a beautiful wedding-we enjoyed every moment of it...We'll see you if not next year-than the following year for our babys' blessing. Thanks again - Samantha and Ernesto 6/30/07 Mt. Vernon


Rev. Angela, Thank you for everything- you made our day so magical. It was a dream come true thanks to you!Lenore and Bobby 9/8/07

Rev. Angela:Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!! I appreciate all that you've done!!! Thank you so much for everything, we really enjoyed the ceremony. It was great - We especially like to thank you for your deligence throughout the planning stages along with your timeliness! A very special thank you for the pictures, they are awesome! Thank you for making it a great day. Wishing you all the best & may God bless you! Kenny and Linette 92307

Hi There!Took almost a week to wind down from such a great weekend! Thank you for helping to make it so - the ceremony went beautifully. The reception was alot of fun. We've been getting some nice reviews back from our guests. It was a union of two wonderful families and many great freinds. We'll be Talking about this for a long time. Thank you so much for the pictures, they look fantastic! Take care and BB!Darlene and Mark Yurkins-9/15/07

Rev. Angela,

You made our day perfect! Thank you. It feels like family! So many of my family & friends commented on how beautiful the ceremony was! Peace and Love Suz -Buddhist Baby Blessing and Welcoming 8/26/07

Rev. Angela;

Oh my gosh, these were GREAT, thank you!!! AND thank you for EVERYTHING, you did a wonderful job and we felt your warmth. We're off on the Harley to the country!!!! Talk when we get back. Blessings,Dawn-Louise 8/11/07

Hi Reverand Angela,
Thank you so much for being a part of Aidan's special day. It was beautiful, everyone commented on what a lovely service it was and how nice you were. Thank you for making it as wonderful as you did. Also I love the picture on the keepsake, I appreciate you going out of your way to make it that beautiful.Love the pictures, Thank you for sending them. Can't wait to add them to his book.Thank you again, it was perfect.When our daughter comes, we'd love to have you bless her too. We'll let you know.Love,Dean, Alison and Aidan 7/14/07 Ronkonkoma


A+ Officiant – Rev. Heil
Angela Heil Ministries

Angela Heil can conduct various ceremony's to fit your needs. We wanted a non -religious ceremony , I co wrote the ceremony with her and included writings from Ayn Rand and Margret Atwood along with a Celtic Knot Blessing, which was unbelievable cool and different. Thus where tying the knot comes from ! Angela is sweet, organized, and professional. She was in constant contact with me during the ceremony writing process and came on time and conducted the ceremony in a professional manner. She gave us a lovely keepsake card of our whole ceremony. She also sent some photos she took during the ceremony to me the next day. :) Highly Recommended and affordable!!!

 Angela you did an amazing job yesterday! Thank you for these pictures:) I can't thank you enough..Thank you again!!Love Laura 7/7/07 -West Sayville Golf and C.C.



Dear Rev. Angela; Ernest and I really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our beautiful day a spectacular event. You gave us a beautiful wedding-we enjoyed every moment of it...We'll see you if not next year-than the following year for our babys' blessing. Thanks again - Samantha and Ernesto 6/30/07 Mt. Vernon


Hi Reverend Angela:


Thank you so much again for all your help at our wedding. The pictures are gorgeous. I would like to personally thank you for letting me know that you were being setup inside. Thank you for your patience during the fiasco. Thank you once again. Regards, Lauren McCloy 6/23/07


Rev Angela;

Thank you so much! You were wonderful and helped make our day VERY special. A great time was had by all. These are the first pictures I have seen! Thank you again.I'll be in touch! Love Kerry and Gerard- 6/22/07


This is....exactly how we pictured our Wedding Day to be...Dear Rev A. Heil- Thank you for the beautiful ceremony! Sincerely; David and Patricia - Old Cadet Chapel - West Point 5/07


Rev Angela-I just wanted to say thank you so much the wedding was beautiful. I got so many complements about the cerermony. KOC - Seaford -4/07 Thanks again. Melanie and Craig


Rev Dr Angela Heil; Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony that you performed for our precious Mikayla. We are so blessed that you could help make the day so special! You are Fantastic! Thank you for the girls gifts-too! Thank you 1,000 times over! Love The Buckley Family 4/21/07 Baby Blessing


Hi there! I just wanted to thank you so much for marrying us. Everything was so beautiful and perfect (even though you were babysitting some of the time LOL). It was really great to meet you and I hope we will meet again one day. Maybe we will renew! We had a great honeymoon and are very happy to be married! Lots and love and blessing to you - Kim and Danny 4/12/07


Rev Dr Angela; Thank you again for making our day even more special. I was so nervous I couldn't even look at James during the ceremony. I had the giggles then I teared up..funny! Thank you for the pictures as well. I hope you did enjoy yourself a little bit. It is so sad how fast the day goes -after how long it takes to plan for it to be so so so special. It was as beautiful as everyone is saying..Thank you again..Love Amy and James 4/7/07 Chateau Le Mar -Lindenhurst

Rev. Angie; Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate it all! You made my day so muchless stressful,and the pics are great-thanks again. Everyone said the ceremony was great!!!!xoxoxoo Love Lacey & Michael Brillante! East Wind Cterers-Wadding River 3/31/07

Rev. Heil, We would both like to thank you for all your efforts to make Jesse and Alan's wedding a truly magical event. Thanks again, Kathy and Jim Roth {Brides Parents} 3/17/07 - Flowerfields Caterers - St. James


Rev Heil, Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony for us. The ceremony and your words were wonderful..We couldn't have asked for more..Thank you, Alan and Jesse

Hi Rev. Angie! Its been so crazy, that I never got to respond to you and say thanks for sending me all those pics from our wedding! They came out so nice and I love them! I will of course send you a formal thank you in the mail, but I wanted to just express that we loved having you as our officiant and spending our special ceremony with you! Thanks,Melissa & Peter Boneta 2/25/07 The WaterMill Caterers -Smithtown


Rev.'s Ralph and Angela,


Thank you for everything the ceremony was beautiful and everyone really enjoyed the proceedings. Thanks for helping us with the most important day of our lives. Alicio & Ernslee Metellus 1/27/07


Dr. Angela,

Thank you so much for making our Wedding Day Special. I loved everything you did..It was perfect. God bless you also. Love, Rosalie and Tom. 1/14/07 - La Grange Inn - W. Islip


Rev. Angela;

Our Families raved about what a great way your performed our service. The ceremony was beautiful and brought us joy! My family is still talking about my wedding ceremony and it’s all because of your perfect performance, your personable and professional way. I highly recommend you to everyone. You really know how to blend our beliefs and it truly reflected our love. God Bless. Constance 12/06


Hi Rev. Ang,

We got the certificate yesterday!! Thank you so much! And yes, we did receive the pictures...One of them [our 1st kiss] is being used for our-"Thank You" cards!! Thanks again for everything! We'll be calling you when we are having our first baby!!! Best regards, Christina 12/30/06 Sand Castle - Franklin Square


Hi Rev. Heil,

Christine and myself were married by your husband Rev. Ralph, on 11/18/06. He was fantastic, and we would like to thank both of you for making our day one to remember! Thanks again for everything! Frank Carfora - La Grange Inn - W. Islip


Rev. Heil;

Les and I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. We both felt you made our day special and we will treasure it for a lifetime. Best to you, Gail and Les 11/06


Hi Rev. Angela Heil;

Thank you for making our day so extra special. We just returned from our honeymoon and back to the real world. Tracey & Anthony 11/06


Dear Angela and Ralph;

Thank you for the performance and celebration of Skye's blessing. We couldn't have done it without you! With love, Rob and Ronnie...& Skye


To Rev. Angela Heil,

Thank you for doing such a beautiful ceremony for us. Everyone loved it, and we loved,loved it! Love Karen and Mike 9/23/06


Dear Rev. Heil,

Thank you for being a part of our magical day. You truly made our ceremony so special. You will always share a special place in our hearts. Love Maggie and Kenny Coleman


Rev. Angela-

Thank you for the pictures! Dan & I want to apologize for not getting to say goodbye to you after the ceremony. Thank you for everything though, the ceremony was beautiful. We would recommend you highly to anyone we know- Jenn


Dr. Heil; Thanks again for everything! Thanks! Steve 10/7/06


Dear Reverand Angela,

Hello. I have not had an opportunity to say thank you the beautiful ceremony you performed on Saturday. I told Tom that one of the moments during the ceremony that really made an impact on me was when you spoke of deciding each day that you WANT TO BE MARRIED and the need for communication between the both of us. I truly believe that those are crucial elements to the success of any marriage and hope that Tom and I wake up every morning choosing to be married and openly communicate with each other. -leyla- Coram Chapel


Rev. Ralph; The ceremony was beautiful. I will never forget it..Thank you for making our day extra special.Everyone commented on how wonderful you performed the ceremony...Daniela 10/14/06


Rev. Dr. Angela Heil: I love the ceremony & I love you! Mary 10/08/06

The ceremony for Mary's wedding was beautiful.
xoxo Debralee 10/08/06


Hi Rev. Heil!

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your patience that day and the wonderful job you did! I am so grateful that you were there and it was lovely,even though I made it late. I will recommend you to anyone that I know needs to get married. Take care-if you need anything let me know..Tabitha & Jose 9/16/06


Rev. Dr. Angela S. Heil

Sansai and I want to thank you for making our wedding day absolutely wonderful. The ceremony was so touching-thank you! Corinne & Sansai 9/15/06


Hi Reverend Angela;

Thank you for the pictures..they are great. I have attached some prelim photos from our photographer [Laura M. from http://www.twogirlsandacamera.com] and a few from our D.J.[ http://www.alternativesounds.com ]. Thanks for making our wedding day one we will forever remember! Corinne


Rev. Angela; Thanks for being the one who married us.We'll call when the baby comes! Blessed Be! Thank You x10000000000 The Nappi's 9/23/06



Thank You for making our day so special. What an amazing spot that was and the pics have a great view in the background. We will not be able to forget that day. We would both like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done for us. Maybe we will meet again. Lots of Love-Mr & Mrs T. Stevens-UK - NY Destination Wedding-9/16/06

Hello Rev. Angie!

Just want to tell you how beautiful our ceremony was. You did a fantastic job! It was exactly how we both envisioned it. Everyone told us how much they enjoyed your service.

Thank you for making our wedding day as special as you did. It was an absolute pleasure to have you perform our ceremony for us. Best Regards, Kim and Liam 9/9/06


Dear Angela;



Juan and I would like to thank you for performing our ceremony.It was absolutely beautiful and more wonderful than we had expected. We were just so pleased with you and are blessed you performed our union. Thank you very much. All the best, Maggie and Juan Carlos 6/25/06


Reverend Angela;

Thank you so much for doing a ceremony just the way we wanted. It symbolized my thoughts of a union ceremony. Donald and I thought you did a great job. We had a blast. Thanks Again..Rebecca & Donald Quinn

Hi Rev. Angela,

Thank you for everything-I appreciate everything you've done for us. You played a huge part to making my day very special. Endless thank you's! Sandra D. 6/16/06



Hi Rev. Angela;

Thank you very much for everything. Yegen and Mariana 6/11/06


 - Astoria -B'Klyn


Thanks for sharing Rev. Angela-these are lovely pictures and the ceremony was most beautiful!!!Thanks for all your hard work..Jackie Chan 5/27/06


Dear Rev. Angie and Ralph;

Thanks so much for taking part[in such a big way] in our wedding! We had a great time on our big day and it was a hit!!! Thanks again! Kind regards, Lucie and Steve 5/28/06


Blessings Rev Angela;

Those were great pictures.Thank you. I also wanted to have our son blessed and christened by you. You have Truly been a Blessing to me and my family. I even got compliments from my guests about you. You are Truly Blessed by God! Please continue to pray for me and my family. Leona and Andre 5/12/06




We're back....and we wanted to thank you again for a beautiful, touching ceremony that will truly be remembered forever! Our day in NYC was a fairytale. We loved every moment of it. Thank you for helping us make it very special. Tom and Racheal Matthews.5/6/06

Hi Rev. Angela;

Thank you for being a part of our special day-it went great! Regards, Ken Coleman. May 5, 2006


Hello!!! Hope everything is well with you and your family. Thank you so- so much for conducting our wedding and for your blessings. God Bless, Bileysi and Emmanuel Russell. 4/15/06


Angela; I wanted to thank you again. Everything was beautiful and everybody complimented you. It was a very personal ceremony and I thank you for making Emma's blessing a very special one. I wish I would have known you for Samantha's blessing-you made such a difference. Kim Cassidy 3/12/06


Hi Angie,

We arrived home happy and safe from our fab trip to NYC yesterday. We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the service-it was lovely and romantic! We have also passed on your website address -just in case somebody wants to do what we did in Central Park. Thanks for being part of our special day. Best Wishes- Mr and Mrs Paul Elvin 2/22/06


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